Our Vision

Invest our public dollars in a social and environmentally equitable manner to build a vibrant, inclusive economy that lifts up families, creates healthier communities and addresses climate change.


  • Adopt more sustainable and socially equitable patterns of land use; preserve open space.
  • Protect and improve water quality.
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions through enforceable measures consistent with state law.
  • Create good, middle-class jobs, especially in vulnerable neighborhoods.
  • Expand affordable housing.
  • Expand mass transit, biking and walking options to reduce driving, congestion and air pollution.

Preserve and Expand Open Space

  • Fund completion of land acquisition for critical habitat for endangered species to support Multi Species Habit Conservation Plans, including support for the planning process, land acquisition above what is required for Transnet project mitigation, habitat restoration, and long-term management and monitoring.

Protect and Enhance Regional Water Quality through Improvements to Storm Water Handling

  • Fund improvements to and expand maintenance of storm water systems that prevent trash and pollution from being carried through storm drains, watersheds, and the ocean.
  • Eligible projects must address source control and/or include multi-benefit regional projects that capture, infiltrate and reuse storm water and support a local sustainable water supply.

Ensure Meaningful Action on Climate Change

  • Ensure funding is prioritized to transportation projects in local governments that have adopted Climate Action Plans with enforceable greenhouse gas reductions and performance measures consistent with state law, including the County of San Diego.

Invest in Social, Economic and Environmental Equity

  • Dedicate majority of funding to communities identified as most disadvantaged. For this purpose, disadvantaged communities are defined as the 25% of San Diego County‚Äôs 628 census tracts that rank highest within the region on the most current version of CalEnviroScreen.
  • Equitable transit operations and fare structures that provide people of all ages with access to the transportation essential for a quality life and develops long-term sustainable transit habits.
  • Provide training and work opportunities for County residents through a Project Labor Agreement with three key provisions:
    1. participation in state-approved joint labor-management apprenticeship;
    2. local hire with enforceable standards targeting vulnerable communities and populations, like veterans;
    3. labor peace.

Develop a New Funding Stream to Build Affordable Housing near Transit Sites

  • Require a dedicated set-aside of funding for the creation of transit-oriented affordable homes and related infrastructure.
  • In order to enable spending for a funding set-aside for development of affordable homes, require SANDAG to pursue legislation to expand their spending authority for such expenditures.

Accelerate Construction of Transit, Bike and Pedestrian Improvements in the Next 10 Years

  • Fund transit operations and maintenance.
  • Re-allocate Transnet funds currently designated for freeway lane additions.
  • Require that all future Regional Transportation Plans, beginning in 2019, align with these priorities.
  • The Initiative will not fund freeway expansion (i.e., adding lanes to existing freeways or developing new freeways for more car capacity) but can be used for neighborhood complete street improvements.
  • Dedicate funds from the Initiative to accelerate and fund new construction in the next ten years of transit and active transportation projects.

Keep San Diego Moving – in the right direction.